International Transport


We have been providing door-to-door reliable, fast and high quality carriage services through our modern vehicle fleet in compliance with the norms of the EUROPEAN UNION and by integrating our strong agency network throughout Europe.

We are able to adjust the height and width of our vehicles according to your needs through our EURO 7 trucks and new generation trailers SCHMITZ CARGOBULL MEGA VARIOS which recently entered our fleet. Due to the satellite tracking system which is available on all our vehicles, we are available to deliver route information to our customers at all stages of the transport.


Heavy & Out Of Gauge Loads

Having continuously improved our heavy transport experiences based upon many years, we have been providing also service in the transport of special loads of major dimensions and weights through our professional staff, other than loads according to international roadway transport standards. Our expert staff in the field of road analysis, country procedures and use of correct equipments determines potential risks in advance. With the strength of having a distribution which is able to provide worldwide service through 350 Low-Bed vehicles of worldwide leading winch manufacturers with our partner company in Germany, we have carried out several projects also in the Turkey line.


Express Minivan Service

For urgent shipping requirements, we provide express roadway shipping service on the line between Turkey – Europe through vehicles of Minivan type. Our capability to make product deliveries to many places in Europe within 36-60 hours provides scheduling advantage to the companies in terms of time management. Our vehicles feature also the required conformity for loads which are classified as dangerous materials.